Fostering productive collaboration and learning new ways of building relationships with other members of the tech community as well as in other fields of interest.

Digital skills

Equipping youth with the necessary skills to design end-products for improving efficiency of Kosovo’s local and central level institutions. All participants will receive a bank of resources regarding the different technologies and tools for full-stack web development, digital product management and communication.


Preparing youth to improve their employability prospects in the IT sector by providing them with an opportunity to gain practical tech skills. The technology sector offers well-paid opportunities and has a high demand for labor, thus a boasting a great potential for increasing youth employment.


Techsperience build solutions that are prototyped, incubated for full-blown development, delivered as final digital products to the municipalities and integrated into the administration’s workflow through training and mentoring.

The overall objective of Techsperience is to foster employability of Kosovo’s youth through leveraging the potential of modern technologies and intensive skill development through the following specific objectives:

  • support the development of high-value ICT skills among Kosovo youth through digital product development training;
  • develop concrete digital tools that facilitate and improve the quality of work of Kosovo’s local and central level institutions;
  • support four (4) client institutions in integrating four (4) digital solutions (one per each institution) that improve their efficiency into their daily workflow;
  • foster productive collaboration among members of the tech community and other interested stakeholders.

This project is funded by The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zussammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and implemented by Open Data Kosovo.


Providing brief facts and figures regarding the scope of the Techsperience.

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Meet our Awesome Team

We are an experienced, passionate, creative team, who are dedicated to give you a bank of resources regarding the different technologies and tools for full-stack web development, digital product development management and communication.

Dafina Olluri

Project Coordinator

Dafina Olluri is eager to work pragmatically and safely introduce principles of Agile Methodology within the team. Her work she is doing in the field of technology is combined with her academic career - through pursuing MSc in Business Informatics.

Arianit Hetemi

Support Software Developer

Arianit Hetemi is a passionate software developer. Open-minded and computer geek. An open source ethusiast and open data analyst. A dedicated developer and a trainer contributing by sharing its knowledge to community. A participant in a lot of trainings and hackathons.

Albert Lekaj

Design and Outreach Officer

Albert Lekaj is passionate about arts & design in general but he is mostly focused on Graphic Design, Web Design & App Design. He is pursuing UX/UI Design while is the only way to study human psychology and feelings while interacting with designed systems, software and apps.

Meet our awesome participants

Adhuron Pllana

Albenita Veliu

Alketa Hasimja

Arben Mehmeti

Arber Bakalli

Arbitë Thaçi

Ard Ademi

Ardit Nurçaj

Arianit Idrizi

Blerim Berisha

Blertina Maksuti

Dardan Gjoka

Diana Carabegu

Diellza Shabani

Donika Gashi

Dorron Zherka

Drita Shujaku

Eldi Aliu

Endrina Spahiu

Entor Arifi

Esma Kerolli

Fatbardh Sylejmani

Flamur Aliloviq

Genita Abazi

Granit Fazliu

Gresa Munishi

Hydajet Qerimi

Janina Ymeri

Krenar Muzaqi

Lejla Haliti

Leuran Baja

Leutrim Kosumi

Lorik Halili

Lum Bulliqi

Marigona Muli

Muhamed Hoxha

Nida Mydyti

Pleurat Pula

Qendresa Hakaj

Raba Mehmeti

Rinor Trolli

Ronita Leka

Suad Dedushi

Veronë Kadriu